Bicycle Taxidermy

Ist der liebgewonnene Drahtesel in die ewigen Jagdgründe eingegangen, kann man sich jetzt seine sterblichen Überreste bei Bicycle Taxidermy zu schicken Staubfängern montieren lassen und über den Ohrensessel hängen.  
Bicycle Taxidermy first began on a couple of memento mori for my father’s once prized but long discarded mountain and road bikes. A somewhat sentimental take on a mass produced object becoming defunct, the handlebars are given the care and craft of a preserved family pet(!) The bikes have now been re-appropriated as a family heirloom. Crafted in London; the taxidermy service mounts a client’s steed on a scorched or bleached European oak plaque ... Chrome mounting brackets fix the stem above a stainless steel epitaph etched in Argyll, Scotland, the plaque denotes the horned beasts model, pet name, dates ridden and a commemorative verse. Just fill in the epitaph field on the site and I’ll get it engraved and send out the plaque for you to mount yourself.
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