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Shopping with the Nimoy's

Familie Spock beim Einkaufen anno 1968 – to boldly go where no man has gone before. Neato Coolville hat den kompletten Artikel gescannt.
Let's slingshot around the sun and travel back to the 60s for a day of shopping with Leonard Nimoy and family. I discovered this photo spread in the June 1968 issue of TV Star Parade and it's a real treat to see. It's especially fun for all of us Trek fans that missed out on the first and original Trek craze. (I became a fan during the rerun days of the 70s!) Articles like this one gives us a glimpse of a time when Star Trek was new and people were wanting to learn anything and everything about the show. Tons of TV and gossip mags featured as much info on the actors as possible. I like that the photos from this article make it look like Leonard just walked off the Star Trek set to go shopping with his family. Leonard is still sporting his Spock hairdo and is even wearing a similar shirt like his alter ego. His pointy ears are probably stuffed in his pocket and in a few hours he'll return to the studio ready for the next Start Trek scene. (Click on the pages for a closer look!)
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Vintage Astronautentrainingsgerät

So ein Astronautentrainingsgerät aus den 60ern kommt meinem Ideal von einem Liegemöbel für den Balkon ziemlich nahe – solange es sich nicht bewegt ...

(Foto aus dem stets klickenswerten Flickr-Stream von x-ray delta one / via Glaserei)

Wonderland Arcade – Eine Spielhalle anno 1968

Jemand hat Fotos von einer Spielhalle anno 1968 hochgeladen – Jahre bevor die Pixel laufen lernten. Ich hab meine ersten Arcade-Erfahrungen ungefähr zehn Jahre später mit Space Invaders und Pacman während einem Italien-Urlaub gesammelt, als Spielhallen bereits völlig anders aussahen – ungefähr so ...

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