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Fotoserie über nigerianische Prostituierte in Italien

Migration von Paolo Patrizi ist eine bedrückende Serie über illegale Migrantinnen aus Nigeria, die in Italien auf dem Staßen- bzw. Wald- und Wiesenstrich anschaffen.
"The phenomenon of foreign women, who line the roadsides of Italy, has become a notorious fact of Italian life. These women work in sub-human conditions; they are sent out without any hope of regularizing their legal status and can be easily transferred into criminal networks. Many are Africans working as prostitutes to send money home to their families. For nearly twenty years the women of Benin City, a town in the state of Edo in the south-central part of Nigeria, have been going to Italy to work in the sex trade and every year successful ones have been recruiting younger girls to follow them. The Nigerian trafficking industry is fueled by the combination of widespread emigration aspirations and severely limited possibilities for migrating to Europe. The term Trafficking of persons is restricted to instances where people are deceived, threatened, or coerced into situations of exploitation, including prostitution ... For many girls prostitution in Italy has become an entirely acceptable trade and the legend of their success makes the fight against sex traffickers all the more difficult ..."
Weil der zitierte Beschreibungstext doch ziemlich an der Oberfläche kratzt, hier noch ein Link zur Doku "Meine Hölle Europa - Vom Geschäft mit Afrikas Frauen" von Lukas Roegler.
(via Minds Delight)