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5 Stunden Landeanflüge in 30 Sekunden

Vimeo: Landings at San Diego Int Airport Nov 23, 2012 (via Nerdcore)

Cy Kuckenbaker wohnt nicht gerade im ruhigsten Viertel von San Diego – aber perfekt, um ein nicht ganz unbekanntes Foto vom Flughafen Hannover als Video umzusetzen:
"I moved to a new neighborhood in San Diego a little over a year ago that put me close to the San Diego Int. Airport. Since then I have become increasingly interested in the rhythms of the airport and the airplanes themselves. San Diego has an unusual flight path that brings the planes in low right over the center of the city and they have to drop rapidly behind a hill to make the runway. When I saw a composite still image on PetaPixel of every airplane that took off in a day from a European airport I started to wonder if I could do something similar with video."

Space Shuttle Endeavour in den Straßem von L.A. im Zeitraffer

YouTube: Space Shuttle Endeavour's trek across L.A. (via PolkaRobot)

Die Endeavour in den Straßen von Los Angeles auf ihrem Weg ins Museum. In Focus hatte am Wochenende schon ein paar hübsche Fotos von der Tour, ich sag nur Space Ship & Donuts.

Social Media-Kritik als Streetart-Stop-Motion

Vimeo: #socialmedia (via Just)

Weil ABOVE den Umgang mit Social Media nicht so toll findet, pinselt er in einer fünftägigen Aktion seine Kritik an eine Wand, macht dabei 9000 Fotos, aus denen er ein Stop-Motion-Video bastelt, welches er auf Vimeo lädt, mit der Bitte, seine Botschaft via Social Media zu verbreiten. Konsequent inkonsequent, aber immerhin erkennt er die Ironie. Und wegen dem Rebloggen: Gern geschehen.
People look at me like I’m from another planet when I tell them I don’t have social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In the eyes of social media I’m severely outdated, lost and not ‘connected’.
Not partaking in the aforementioned social media makes me an outsider looking in on how hyper frequent society uses its sacred social media. I can’t help but observe the people around me who appear to be consumed and addicted to trying to keep up to speed on their social media pages.
You check your Facebook page while driving. Tweet a message that you ‘just took a shower’. Instagram a photo of your double soy macchiato with extra foam and so it continues ad infinitum.
I have more questions than I do answers with social media. We live in a ridiculously hyper fast pace life where information is exchanged so rapidly that it makes us feel inadequate and drains our attention span. This painting was executed at the GALORE festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. The painting is a time-lapse composed of over 9,000 photos and painted over a 5-day period. As irony has it this video will be reblogged and seen on social media outlets the world over. Please join in and reblog on your facebook and twitter accounts. Enjoy and try to keep up.

View from the ISS at Night

Vimeo: View from the ISS at Night (via MeFi)

Und ich sitz auf der Erde bzw. Couch fest. Verdammte Schwerkraft.
Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the International Space Station. All credit goes to the crews on board the ISS. I removed noise and edited some shots in photoshop. Compiled and arranged in Sony Vegas.


YouTubeDirektKaffee (via KFMW)

Die einen nennen es Zeitlupe, die anderen koffeinfreier Kaffee ...

Polarlicht über Norwegen im Zeitraffer

Vimeo:Aurora Borealis timelapse HD - Tromsø 2010

Irgendwann möchte ich mal ein Nord- oder Südlicht in freier Wildbahn sehen. Vorerst muss aber obenstehendes Timelapse-Video genügen – immerhin gibt es einen HD- und Vollbild-Button ...

(via Astronomy Picture of the Day)