Animated Tower: Mensch-Architektur-Perfomance im Plattenbau

YouTube: Animated Tower (via Antisoup & Ronny)

Guillaume Reymond alias NOTsoNOISY, dessen Mensch als Pixel Projekt Game Over vor ein paar Jahren (nicht nur) durch die Blogs ging, hat zusammen mit Trivial Mass Production und jede Menge Helfern eine ziemlich geniale Mensch-Architektur-Perfomance choreographiert:
"These are 110 students, staff and friends of the HESAV(High School of Health Vaud) who have participated in this new performance from the Swiss artist NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond and Trivial Mass Production: a titanic work but ultra fun resulting in an incredible video in which we discover a tower whose the facade is animated by many patterns such as a VJ lo-fi 8bits screening. But in this case there is no projector and this is just manually moving the windows and shutters on 11 floors and 10 rows that magic operates simulating the pixels of a giant rudimentary screen (10x11 pixels )."
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