Möbel fürs Satteldach von Ainė Bunikytė

Eine Sitzgruppe fürs Dach von der litauischen Designerin Ainė Bunikytė, die damit ihr Diplom an der Kunstakademie Vilnius gemacht. Fotos gibts hier.
This para-functional invitation – is a result of three years of research based on function paradoxes within design objects and designed spaces. One of the most important element in the project is human’s inherent wish to find one’s own space, to have a secret, to differ, to find such place from which one could watch others but could stay unseen at the same time. The other aspect is a will to be higher, to be raised over the ground – this is the instinct of safety. The idea was inspired from the author’s enjoyment to spend time on roofs and from admiration of old roofs since childhood ...
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