Chronophone: Crossfader-Grammophone von 1910

Léon Gaumont stellte 1910 das Chronophone vor, um Film und Ton unterbrechungsfrei synchron zu halten. Man konnte damit aber auch einen Tanzsaal mit 4000 Leuten bespielen. Steampunkdisko quasi. Fotos und Infos gibts hier.
Note the twin gramophones, driven from a common electric motor between them. An air hose goes to each valvebox from the control valve just under the air pressure gauge; I suspect that this control valve allowed the operator to crossfade between the two gramophones. DJ in the house!Below this, there is a light-coloured metal manifold which connects the the gramophone output pipes to the two horns. Quite how the record arms are pivoted so they can follow the track on the disc is a bit unclear, but there appears to be some sort of ball joint where they enter the manifold ...
(via Clockworker)
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