Jugendknäste in den USA: Juvenile-in-Justice von Richard Ross

Für sein Projekt Juvenile-in-Justice hat der Fotograf Richard Ross 350 Jugendknäste in den USA besucht. Neben den eindrucksvollen wie deprimierenden Fotos in seinem Portfolio gibts über 2000 weitere Aufnahmen auf der gleichnamigen Projektwebseite (von der die Fotos hier stammen), die ein Bewußtsein für die Verhältnisse schaffen und Gegnern des dortigen Jugendstrafrechts als Bildquelle dienen soll.
"Juvenile-In-Justice documents the placement and treatment of American juveniles housed by law in facilities that treat, confine, punish, assist and, occasionally, harm them. The project includes photographs and interviews with over 1,000 juveniles and administrators at 100+ facilities in 30 states in the U.S, as well as facilities in Canada and Mexico. The children’s identities are always concealed, either by photographing them from behind or obscuring their faces. America’s heavy reliance on juvenile incarceration is unique among the developed nations of the world. Approximately 90,000 young people are in detention or correctional facilities every day in the United States. The project documents group homes, police departments, youth correctional facilities, juvenile courtrooms, high schools, shelters, Montessori classrooms, CPS interview rooms, and maximum security lock-down and non-lock-down shelters, to name a few ... Prior to Juvenile-in-Justice, there was no comprehensive directory of images cataloging the American juvenile justice system. This project is now the primary source for these images, all of which are made available to facilities, advocates, and non-profits ... My products are unbiased photographic and textual evidence of a system that houses more than 100,000 kids every day"  
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