Fotos von Mädchzimmer: A Girl and her Room von Rania Matar

Rania Matar hat in ihrer Fotoserie "A Girl and her Room" im Mittleren Osten und den USA Teenager-Mädchen und ihre Zimmer porträtiert. 
This project is about teenage girls and young women at a transitional time of their lives, alone in the privacy of their own personal space and surroundings: their bedroom, a womb within the outside world ... I initially started this work focusing on teenage girls in the United States and eventually expanded the project to include girls from the two worlds I am most familiar with, the two worlds I experienced myself as a teen and a young twenty year old: the United States and the Middle East. This is how this project became very personal to me. I became fascinated with the similar issues girls at that age face, regardless of culture, religion and background, as they learn to deal with all the pressures that arise as they become consciously aware of the surrounding world wherever this may be.
(via KFMW)

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