Exoplanetarische Reiseposter

Ich packe dann mal meine Koffer und gehe zum nächsten Weltraumbahnhof: Chungkong hat ein sechsteiliges Set mit exoplanetarischen Reisezielen entworfen:
Everyday we find more and more indications, that Earth-like planets are all around. Life beyond the Earth becomes increasingly likely. We are no longer alone in the universe. Wouldn’t it be great if those extrasolar planets are not only big hunks of stone and ice with just here and there some bacterial live, but really beautiful planets. Where the nature is as pristine, like Earth was, before we left our Ecological footprint. It made me think: “What if we could travel to these extrasolar planets?” Celebrating vacations. It would be like the time that each holiday was a trip to the unknown. A discovery. As on these posters from the 1930s, countries and cities that you knew only of images and hearsay. The images were innocent and exotic. Pure. 
Und wenn man schon mal auf seiner Seite ist, kann man sich ruhig noch schnell durch seine minimalistischen Filmposter klicken.

(via Neatorama)
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