Alle Cover von Marvels Jugendmagazin Pizzazz aus den 70ern

Ende der 70er hatte Marvel Comics eine zeitlang ein Jugendmagazin namens Pizzazz am Start, dass es auf 16 Ausgaben gebracht hat, ehe es eingestellt wurde. Bei Rebelscum kann man sich die Cover aller erschienenen Ausgaben ansehen. Die Wikipedia über das Mag:
"Pizzazz was a magazine published by Marvel Comics from 1977 to 1979, for a total run of 16 issues. Aimed at the youth culture, Pizzazz mostly contained articles about popular movies, rock stars, et cetera, as well as comic strips and puzzles. Recurring features included a comic about Amy Carter's life as the President's daughter, a serialized Star Wars comic, and a one-page comic by Harvey Kurtzman (usually from the 1940s) on the last page. The covers showed either photos of popular celebrities, or photo-realistic drawings of celebrities and/or Marvel superheroes ..."
(via Fanboy)
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