Private Stages von Peter Freitag: Nacktfotos ohne Nackte

Peter Freitag hat Amateur-Nacktfotos im Netz gesammelt und die Nackten mit Hilfe von Punkten, die Farbe und Struktur des Hintergrunds entsprechen, retouchiert – also absolut "save for work"
"The main subject – the nude – is obscured with the application of little "dots" that are made with punchhole irons using the colours and structures from the original image. The process of manipulation remains visible on the image plane with dots and circles forming a recog-nizable silhouette of the vanished nude. Through this "low tech" retouching process, the former pinup-photo becomes a simple interior. The background space of the image – previously unimportant – becomes the main subject of the image." Peter Freitag: Privat Stages (links auf die Quadrate klicken)
(via Kotzendes Einhorn)
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